Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Is the new way of cooking is Rapid Air Technology? Defined

Rapid Air Technology is balanced, control and very efficient way to heat specially for cooking. This technology helps in grilling food with very less amount oil (up to 80% less oil according to dish or recipe need). Rapid Air Technology works on the principal of flowing heat in a compact square box vertically to spread all over in the appliance to cook faster and better.

Rapid Air Technology is implemented in almost all the Air fryer appliances in market.
Rapid Air Technology is quite complex to understand according its automation whereas this is one the most effective cooking and heating technology.

Cooking with Rapid Air Technology starts radiator that start with a heater element just above the cooking chamber radiates from the close range directly to the food resides in. Radiation steep penetrate under the food surface. A large fan above the heater pulls the air upwards through the cooking chamber to create a strong vertical airflow. While passing the heater the air is loaded with heat energy. Heat transferred downwards trough a double valve around the cooking chamber with the minimum loss of flow and heat energy. A special starfish type air guide at the bottom guides air. That also distributes the heat evenly and directs the airflow in the vertical direction. The food itself helps to distribute of the contents of the basket. Only the bottom of the basket is open to the air so it has pass over the food surface where is transfers the heat to the food. Heat reaches all part of the food even though food is piled up. Combination of radiation from the top and convection from the bottom creates a heat transfer rate that is much higher than that of the convection oven. Simultaneous heating from both sides eliminates the need to turn the food during the cooking process. This mimics the cooking effect and gives result that comes very close to deep fryer without the excessive use of oil.

So advantages of using Rapid Air Technologies are:

  • Quick cooking saves up to 20% of cooking time.
  • Gives taste and cooking just like classic way of cooking.
  • Enables more cooking opportunities: frying, baking, grill etc.
  • No need to flip food again and again.
  • Less oil required while cooking.
  • Saves cooking resources for example: LPG.

Stick to non-sticky Air fryer Grilled Pan with new Rapid Air Technology

Today morning in my breakfast I was looking forward to had a grilled fish. Trust me that was too much delicious and healthy too. This time I tried cooking my fish with the new Air fryer Grill Pan, which has Rapid Air technology. Get ensured a perfect & healthier grilled fish, meat and vegetables with this technology. Air Fryer Pan is great for grilling several varieties of vegetables, meat, fish etc. and it's easy to clean and wash.

With Air Fryer Grill Pan you can save up to 20% of cooking time. Because of its exceptional material and surface. With non-stick surface its easy to serve grilled food and much simpler to cook. They way it gives perfectly grilled delicate food like fish and vegetables is a pleasure, even though with meat Air Fryer Pan is superb.

Thanks to the Air Fryer Grill Pan to give a new meaning for grilling the food. Rapid Air Technology cook food in a healthier way because less amount or zero amount of oil. Due to unique surface of Air Fryer Pan can excessively drip fat while grilling.

Even Air Fryer Grill Pan enables the full potentials to do more and discover more possibilities. To fry, brown or sear Air Fryer Grill Pan delivers delicious dishes to be prepared quickly.

Air Fryer Grill Pan is also becomes very handy while cleaning more over you can put the pan in Dishwasher to according to your convenience.

With more power to cooking and healthy food Air fryer Grill Pan contribute to serve best crispier taste. Grill Pan is also very much recommended to 'sandwich lovers' to enjoy grilled crispy sandwiches at their home. It cooks a cheese ham sandwich on 200 degrees of temperature in 5 minutes. So, imagine the time saved to dedicate on other tasks.

By adding AirFryer Grill Pan to your kitchen you can start cooking all the variety of grilled, bake, roast & fry food just as you taste at a 5 star restaurant. So in a nutshell, AirFryer Grilled Pan can get you the maximum of cooking with healthier food and ease.

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Monday, 16 March 2015

Air fryer rapid air technology

A good Air fryer helps one to complete the task if you'd prefer frying. Technically, it is actually an item of preparing devices power by way of energy where cooking oil is substituted with air and heated in line with your desired temperature. Your own well prepared meals are in that case absorbed into the heated oil free frying. You've more control through this fryer during preparing and it's really far better to make use of than the oil-filled frying pan. Air fryers can be bought in a variety of types plus products therefore you have sufficient selections to accommodate your frying needs.

They are power frequently electronically or even by way of gasoline even though the electric products are usually popular as they are smaller and so much more mobile. In addition they keep heating greater than his or her gas and electric counterparts. Household kitchen area products are often electric.

The Air fryer can end up being called as some sort of kitchen area gadget that's only employed when it comes to deeply frying. The regularly used area for these fryers is not only within the professional dining rooms although determine depend on it for your household kitchen area pertaining to wholesome plus oil free cooking. The chief element associated with this particular air fryer is that must be giving which has a gift basket pertaining to truly the only reason for clearing oil from food once the preparing approach is finished. There are a lot associated with other features which these fryers are usually giving with.

The best part in a air fryer is it uses the rapid air technology that prepare the food with less oil frying. Due to this technology air fryer uses 80% less oil to prepare your food. What actually happens with the air fryer is it uses the hot air with in it instead of oil to fry your food. So that you becomes able to get the fried healthy food.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Air fryer 80% less oil

Now days air fryer became the most used cooking gadget as people don't have time to cook and also they want healthy food. If you want a healthy food then either you have to cook more carefully or you have to have plain boiled food with out oil. What if we will tell you that we can get you your favorite delicious food without unhealthy factors and much less oil from your expectations. We know it is unbelievable but it is true.

Yes, we brought you the latest cooking gadget that is the air fryer. Air fryer can be considered as the smartest innovation for your kitchen as it takes less time to cook for you and also get you the healthy food. Also it is easy to use and movable. So over all we can consider the air fryer as the smartest innovation for your kitchen till now.

Now it is common to arise a question in your mind that how is it possible for a gadget to fry food with out oil. Yes it is possible because the inventors used a technology called "Rapid air technology" to fry the food. We are not saying that it will fry with no oil but it uses up to 80% less oil for frying.

Though it sounds so complicated but it actually a simple funda to understand. It uses the hot air for frying your food that is all. When we keep our food in the basket of air fryer and start frying, then the air fryer uses the high speed hot air circulation with it's top grill. The hot air circulates in between the ingredients very rapidly. As it uses the hot air very rapidly for frying the food hence the process is known as "Rapid air technology". Also there is no use of more oil to fry as it uses the hot air, which is also healthy.

Now an other simple question may arise in your mind that what makes it different from others. For this we can answer you that you can use this gadget while reading news paper, watching TV and all other regular stuffs of your own as it has a preset timer menu. Also you can take it to any where you want to as it is light weighted and easily movable.

Now what are you waiting for. Just grab your own air fryer and show other that how smart you are. For more information you can write us.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Air fryer review while you choose it to buy.

An oil free healthy food with delicious taste can be a dream for every one.All need it and all will love it too. The main difficulty is to get it. Now don't get shocked while listening that we have a special cooking gadget for you, which will get all your dream recipes with a healthy manner. That you can get your food with 80% less oil. Yes,the cooking gadget gurus found the best ever cooking utensil that is an "Air fryer". You can get the air fryer review so positive that it uses 80% less oil to fry your food. Not only this but it also uses the rapid air technology that becomes beneficial and healthy.

Oil free frying with rapid air technology, may be this sounds so unreal but you can feel it and really get it on your own hand. This rapid air technology refers to the new cooking invention that uses the air to fry your food instead of using oil for total frying. How ever you will have to spend some oil to fry and the rest will be managed by the air fryer for cooking oil free frying.

You may be in a suspense that how does an air fryer work to manage oil free frying ! But we suggest you to don't get surprised. Your favorite cooking brand Prestige got the very good opportunity only for you to experience these awesome technology with stainless steel air fryer.

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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Get your food fried with rapid air technology.

Do you have a single percent idea that the cooking gadget specialists have invented a fryer that uses air to fry your food instead of oil. Yes, actually there is already an air fryer invented that uses 80% less oil to fry. Now it's really surprising and good to get a oil free cooked dish. Further we will discuss that how does an air fryer work to manage oil free frying.

For now in the busy schedule of life we all want to get a fit body to work hard and for that we need healthy food. Though we get some crispy and tasty foods near by us but it won't take good care of our health. It's a misconception of people that there is no recipes can prepared with out oil. Really !! Do you also think the same ???
In actual there are are lot of foods that we like and not so good for health as it uses more oil to get fried. If I will come up to you with the same item which uses 80% less oil then it may wonder you. But it is possible in real. There is a rapid air technology which is used by the air fryers. 

The fryer is run by the use of infrared waves and glowing raise the temperature of, and then it cook healthy foods that may have just a little oil used with it. Those who have ideas, claim that french fry tastes the same as if it is deep fried. The food specialists have prepared this by targeting the busy schedule of people now days. This will not only beneficial for the commercial purpose but also for the new generation(youth) who always be there in a hurry and in a mood no to find time eat properly.

Now if you will come to market for finding an air fryer you will get confused as there are several brands for the same gadget. However every on choose the best one for ever, hence for my choice I would like to go with the Prestige Air fryer, as it gives you faith and one of the oldest brand. Of course you will have to go with it if you are married as it says that "Jo biwi se kare pyar wo prestige se kese kare inkar".

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Be healthy: Get your foods fried by air instead of oil.

We all established that as a way to eliminate 1 lb of fat every 1 week you must create a calorie deficit associated with 500 calories from fat per day via the amalgamation associated with diet regime in addition to exercise.
Creating that 500 calorie deficit can often be difficult, specially when all of us increase unnecessary calories from fat to our foods. A single tablespoon of oil is regarding 120 calories. If perhaps we might eliminate all those 120 calories from fat all of us would be that significantly more detailed to our 500 calorie goal.

If perhaps you eagerly want to help loosened wait around and then there are some finest factors all those you possibly can follow can be reduce the quantity of oil in your current food.
The oil for sauteing or lighting frying can easily be omitted. You could possibly:
  • Buy non-stick cooking equipment
  • Pay for an oil mister
  • Buy cooking spray    
But if anyone can suggest you a better option to get healthy food without oil and that is also with out following the above lengthy steps, then you may not believe my words. But believe or not the gadget gurus have already brought up with some best cooking utensils that can get you food with less oil. the utensil is named Air fryer. The best part of an air fryer is, you can use air to fry than oil.
There are best brands available with air fryers in market but if it comes to believe, we should go with our heart and also with what your wife says if you are married(No option in that case actually). And for always our heart will ask us to go with prestige(even your wife will lead you for it).

The best part of prestige air fryer cooks in a way that needs less oil and uses air to fry your dish. It reduces the fat and unwanted cholesterol in your food that makes you healthy.

By all means you need a healthy food that can keep you strong and make your wife(Only if you are married) shut her mouth while restricting you to eat what you want. If you agree with these points than for what you are waiting click on .